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Custom Script is written specifically for you! It is entirely original and tailored to your needs and criteria. It's one of a kind. 

Custom scripts can be written as a monologue, duologue, short play or special performance.  

So, what is a custom script, I hear you say?

Custom scripts are a great way to stand out from the crowd. 

Custom scripts can be written for:  

Actors who need material for...

  • showreels 

  • auditions

  • competitions 

  • scene work 

  • screentests 

Teachers who need to facilitate material for...

  • scene work in class

  • film/acting workshops

  • showreels

  • student showcases 

  • class activities 

Theatres Groups, Schools and Businesses for... 

  • Christmas shows  

  • special one-off performances 

  • charity fundraisers 

  • and so much more! 

Advantages of custom written scripts include: 

  • incorporating your strengths as a performer within the writing; 

  • incorporating any special skills and/or talents to showcase;

  • performing an entirely original script; and

  • having a script developed for your specific needs and criteria. 

Custom scripts start from $30.00. If you'd like to learn more or order a custom script, please contact us here.


For licensing information regarding custom scripts, please visit here

Here's one of our

custom scripts in action! 



             Professional actors Carlos Sanson, Tom Watson and Bronte Gioiello after performing a custom written script for kiddies; starting on the ground floor of the 6-level department store and finishing at the very top!


             The show, Journey to Wonderland, was a special Christmas performance and the first of its kind for the department store. 


              Professional actors Carlos Sanson, Maree Papadopoulos and Tom Watson delighted on-lookers with a travelling show, custom written for Myer Sydney City'.


Quotation Marks

This year our theatre program was second to none - truly world class!!


Myer Sydney City General Manager on how 'Journey to Wonderland'  contributed to their in-store Christmas Program - 2018. 

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